Big journal update released for iPad (v1.1)

One of the most requested features of the Gardening Toolkit is a diary. After more than a little fiddling around we’ve made a simple interface for making diary records. This isn’t intended to have all the features of a full diary application but will help you keep your notes in one place. Obviously this will benefit from the backing up and syncing of data that will come with iOS5, so if you’re concerned about safe keeping your data that will provide a solution in the future.

Also in the update is a reminder system for scheduling the watering, pruning, weeding and whatever else you’ve got to do in your garden. Again, this isn’t intended to replace a full featured app but should do the job of reminding you about regular tasks. It’s based on recurring events, more like alarms than appointments in the Apple calendar app. We think it’s a neat, simple solution and hope you agree.

Obviously these tools won’t do everything for everybody but we hope they are a good starting point.






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5 responses to “Big journal update released for iPad (v1.1)

  1. James

    This looks like an excellent update for the iPad.
    I hope that the iPhone app will be similarly updated before long.
    Is this planned?

    • Hi James, thanks for getting in touch. We’ve been working on a couple of things on the app recently, once we get those done (they’re quite big things) then we’ll bring the iPad updates over to the iPhone. Sorry for the discrepancy between the two versions but it is on our radar. I can only guess at when we’ll have it done but it will be a few months.



  2. Victor Waldrop

    Best garden app I have found. It will even be better as you add more features such as being able to back up data. Getting data loaded in.

  3. Victor Waldrop

    The more I use this app, the better I like it. I am still loading data to catch up my gardens. I have a greenhouse, small hydroponic system, 3 raised beds and a regular garden and I have set up each as its own separate garden. I especially like the way you can enter notes for each plant, keeping a journal of sorts for each plant. This lets you track each plant’s progress, nutrients added, watering etc. A couple of things to consider is adding the ability to add progress pictures for each plant and a short cut to insert today’s date. Keep up the good work and I look forward to the next update. For now, I am busy loading all my information in the system.

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