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Just found a new review at ipad2soft:

“Gardening Toolkit HD continues to expand it’s list of more than 1000 herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables. The encyclopedia in this app for iPad has tons of images and details on flower colors, plant dimensions, light requirements and links to how-to-grow resources online.

The design of this interface for the iPad tablet is beautiful and cheery with rich graphics that are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. If you are in to gardening then we think you’ll find this to be one of the best iPad apps out there. Get it on the app store for $3.99.”

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3 responses to “Gardening Toolkit HD review at

  1. Victor Waldrop

    Can you explain the “Days till Harvest” in the plant information when you are adding it to a garden. I would have expected it to be affected by the Propogation setting but it doesn’t seem to be. For Example a tomato beefsteak of planted from seed would take longer to bear fruit than if it were planted from a plant. You can change the Days to harvest manually, but was just curious how that was defined as it relates to this product. Days to maturity is sometimes confusing no matter where you see the information. What I have read is that it depends on whether the plant is a direct sow such as corn, or is transplanted such as a tomato. Thanks.

    • Hi Victor, we did have to rationalize a bit with the data regarding harvest dates. Establishing variables for seeds and differently aged seedlings across so many vegetables, or indeed varieties of vegetables would ultimately be (excuse the pun) fruitless in terms of accuracy. Also, the cleverer we tried to make the app in regard to things like the propagation setting the more we found people had circumstances that negated it and were frustrated by the lack of transparency over exactly what was happening. Therefore we decided it would be best to allow more control and less automation.

      As you point out, there is much discrepancy depending upon what you read and where you read it in this matter. So to answer your question as to how it works; the app simply uses the days to harvest figure and nothing else (not even the days to germinate info) . Perhaps what we should give more explanation of this inside the app dialogue boxes to be more clear, as your expectation is not at all unreasonable and had been the original intention of the app – but we were probably being a little too ambitious.



      • Victor Waldrop

        Thanks Tony. As long as I know what is happening with the App, it is good and your logic makes sense. Keep up the good work. I am using the app every day. I am very dependent on it now as I am completely tracking everything about my gardens on it. Great App.

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