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25 responses to “Feedback

  1. Alicia Britt

    It would be helpful to have possible common names for plants. I would also like to be able to add plants to My Garden that I can’t find in the search.

    • Hi Alicia, if you enter a search term and select ‘common name’ then the app will search through the common names. Unless you’re suggesting that it have common names to use for custom plants? At the moment, the best way to add plants you can’t find is by selecting something similar, then modifying the name and picture. The app will be updated in this regard shortly. Thanks for your feedback.

  2. Would like to mention your app but too expensive to just “give it a shot”. Do you ever send download codes? A really GOOD app is certainly needed and asked for on all the blogs I frequent. Thanks

    • Hi Kevin. When you say ‘mention’ our app do you mean write about it on your website or review it? Obviously we can’t go giving it away! You’d be surprised at how many people ask for just that so I have to be a little careful.



  3. Dennis Simpson

    Kevin 🙂 It is really worth the money if not more! A fantastic app with no problems what so every. This is most certainly a No 1 App in my eyes! Just not enough time in the day to use it 🙂

  4. Philip Byrne

    Hi. I like the custom plants feature but I’d love to be able to add all of the same info that you include for plants already listed in the app. Have you any plans to add this feature?

  5. Elizabeth

    In wish you had a lite version tom try out. Say allow 5 plants

  6. Paul howx

    When is the uk version coming out ??????

    • Hi Paul, the app should work fine in the UK, we’ve been selling there for over a year now. Just search the app store for Gardening, Gardening Toolkit or Applied Objects (our company name).

  7. Tim

    Great app, would like to be able to add a URL to custom plants to get to other resources I’ve found on the web. Think this app is great value for money too.

  8. Philip Byrne

    Any sign of an update for the iPhone app to take advantage on iOS 5’s new features?

    • Hi Philip, thanks for getting in touch.

      We are currently working on improving the database and image resources (and a few little things too), but have hit a snag on the iOS5 syncing via iCloud. Here’s what I wrote to another user:

      “We’ve recently been investigating iCloud and have been a bit scared by what we’ve discovered. Syncing is fundamentally a complex issue where the slightest issue can cause chaos with your data (some people even suggest it will never be truly bug free). It turns out that other developers have found it anything but plain sailing and Apple is still ironing out the kinks for programmers to use.

      We had to decide between jumping in before it is rock solid and leaving it till later, and that’s what we’ve gone for. I’m sorry for the confusion but I just worry too much about the problems it would cause, we don’t want you to be a guinea pig for our software.

      It will arrive at some point but I can’t say exactly when.”

  9. AD

    Love this app!!

    Are there any plans to allow archiving data and pix. Voice notes?

    • Hi AD, thanks for your suggestions.

      We’re busy adding thousands of plants at the moment. We have made an update which allows you to export your data as a spreadsheet but haven’t released it yet. We will do shortly. Backing up pictures and voice notes is a little trickier.



  10. Victor Waldrop

    It would be a nice addition to add notes to the individual gardens similar to what you have for plants. That way you could track garden wide notes such as tilling dates, adding fertilizer, compost etc to the entire garden. It would be good for tracking rainfall for specific garden. Really like the app, just a suggestion for future updates.

  11. Todd Reed

    We need a date selector when entering journal entries, so we can enter data from the previous day or week. And I would default to “All” so you see previous entries when you open the Journal.

    Also, to be able to email the entire journal would be nice.

    On a plant search, a simple filter would be nice, like only vegetables.

    So far, nice app, with lots of features!

  12. Victor Waldrop

    Is there a chance that the next release could have more gardens. When I first start using the app, I thought 12 would be plenty, but have since added some additional raised beds and would like to track each one individually. Thanks for the consideration.

  13. Beth

    I would like the option to have the plants in the gardens list by their Latin name instead of the common name.

  14. Victor

    Is there an ETA for the next release?

  15. Victor Waldrop

    Just an FYI. Recently my iPad was damaged and I had to get a replacement. The good news when I synced with iCloud, all my data came back when the app was reloaded.

  16. Victor Waldrop

    Is there any plans to update the product further?

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