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Big journal update released for iPad (v1.1)

One of the most requested features of the Gardening Toolkit is a diary. After more than a little fiddling around we’ve made a simple interface for making diary records. This isn’t intended to have all the features of a full diary application but will help you keep your notes in one place. Obviously this will benefit from the backing up and syncing of data that will come with iOS5, so if you’re concerned about safe keeping your data that will provide a solution in the future.

Also in the update is a reminder system for scheduling the watering, pruning, weeding and whatever else you’ve got to do in your garden. Again, this isn’t intended to replace a full featured app but should do the job of reminding you about regular tasks. It’s based on recurring events, more like alarms than appointments in the Apple calendar app. We think it’s a neat, simple solution and hope you agree.

Obviously these tools won’t do everything for everybody but we hope they are a good starting point.






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Small update and new features coming.

The plant height setting has been the cause of some frustration for many users, so we fixed it by utilizing simple text-entry boxes. This applies to both iPad and iPhone users.

We’re also getting close to releasing a big update for those of you who like to keep notes and be reminded about things in your garden. We’ve received a lot of requests for these features so stay tuned!

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New version (2.2.2) with custom garden plaques.

A few days ago we released another update. The best new feature is the ability to add pictures of your gardens, which several users had requested – we hope you like it. The image will also appear in your garden ‘slideshow’

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Our new website (almost!)

Well we’ve added a little polish to the Gardening Toolkit’s website, which seemed the right thing to do as it’s about the only ‘shopfront’ we have outside of iTunes. Although now that we’ve got v2.2 out (see above), it needs an update already.

Check it out here!

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More gardens with version 2.1.1

For all of you who asked for more gardens, you’ll be pleased to know that the new update features 12! Simply flick left and right on the my gardens section to view all the gardens. You can of course rename them however you want.

Let us know what you think.


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Version 2.1 Released

Another month, another update to the Gardening Toolkit. Once again we’ve been focussing on the harder programming aspects. The new custom search feature is something that users have been asking for a while now and should be handy, although it did require a lot of care to ensure the app didn’t blow out to a massive size.

Plant thumbnail images is hopefully a useful and visually appealing addition for the search view. There’s a few other bits and pieces in there too, such as the ability to now sort your gardens by name or date.

As always, let us know what additions to the app you’d like and we’ll see what we can do. Enjoy the update!


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Version 2.0.1 Released

There were a few bugs in version 2, but we think those are sorted now.

Version 2 is a big upgrade, with multiple gardens, a glossary and most importantly a completely new custom plant creation tool. Even though we added hundreds more plants (there’s over 1000 now in the app) the only way to make everyone happy was to add a proper plant creation tool.

We’ve already had lots of good feedback and much better reviews in the app store:

“If you want an app to help you track your flower, herbal and veggie garden this is a great choice. I paid double this price for apps not nearly as good”.

“Very well organised, great presentation,loads of helpful features. Worth the $$”

We’re very happy with the update and it seems users are too! Now to get the advanced search and pests & diseases sorted……….


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