Gardening Toolkit HD review at

Just found a new review at ipad2soft:

“Gardening Toolkit HD continues to expand it’s list of more than 1000 herbs, flowers, fruit and vegetables. The encyclopedia in this app for iPad has tons of images and details on flower colors, plant dimensions, light requirements and links to how-to-grow resources online.

The design of this interface for the iPad tablet is beautiful and cheery with rich graphics that are pleasing to the eye and easy to navigate. If you are in to gardening then we think you’ll find this to be one of the best iPad apps out there. Get it on the app store for $3.99.”

Full article here



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Gardening Toolkit app review at

A positive review from the lovely folk at

“overall it’s a pleasure to use and just so full of useful information, so I can confidently recommend this as the best gardening app out there.”

Link here

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Big journal update released for iPad (v1.1)

One of the most requested features of the Gardening Toolkit is a diary. After more than a little fiddling around we’ve made a simple interface for making diary records. This isn’t intended to have all the features of a full diary application but will help you keep your notes in one place. Obviously this will benefit from the backing up and syncing of data that will come with iOS5, so if you’re concerned about safe keeping your data that will provide a solution in the future.

Also in the update is a reminder system for scheduling the watering, pruning, weeding and whatever else you’ve got to do in your garden. Again, this isn’t intended to replace a full featured app but should do the job of reminding you about regular tasks. It’s based on recurring events, more like alarms than appointments in the Apple calendar app. We think it’s a neat, simple solution and hope you agree.

Obviously these tools won’t do everything for everybody but we hope they are a good starting point.





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Two new reviews for Gardening Toolkit HD

My iPad Apps

App Freak

Nice to be noticed! Apple has also included us in some of their featured lists around the world, which as any developer knows is about as good as it gets.







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Small update and new features coming.

The plant height setting has been the cause of some frustration for many users, so we fixed it by utilizing simple text-entry boxes. This applies to both iPad and iPhone users.

We’re also getting close to releasing a big update for those of you who like to keep notes and be reminded about things in your garden. We’ve received a lot of requests for these features so stay tuned!

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The best iPad gardening app is here!

Visit the app store now to see the new Gardening Toolkit HD app here. You can see more about both apps here on our website.

It’s a complete redesign for the iPad and we think a huge improvement over the iPhone version. Eventually we’ll be bringing the redesign through to the iPhone but for the moment we’d love to hear what you think of the iPad version as it is.

New to the iPad version:

– Stunning new look and interface

– Illustrated glossary with Wikipedia links

– 100 plants now have direct links to how-to-grow articles, we’ll add many more

– Some plants have direct Wikipedia links, we’ll add more of these too

– Improved plant search functions, including lifecycle (annual etc)

– ‘Share’ section where you can post tips and ask questions from fellow Gardening Toolkit users

– Mark to-do items as complete or incomplete

We’re sure many of you will want to share your data between the iPad and iPhone versions but we’re waiting to see what Apple does with iOS 5 before we jump into that.

We hope you like the new iPad experience!


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What would make a better gardening app?

We’re working hard on making a fantastic iPad version of the Gardening Toolkit but in the meantime we’d love to know what you’d like most in an update. Tell us what you want in an iOS gardening app by clicking on the survey on the right. Thanks!


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